Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update Your Microchip Information

It's been a while since I've thought about the information that is inside my dogs.  I've taken it for granted that they won't get away and that they won't need that little microchip inside of them, but they might. 
This past weekend we were in the house making lunch and a little black female pug wondered into our front yard.  She was very cute, older, sweet, but she had no owners in sight and no collar on.  We put a leash on her and gave her some water, as she was very hot (a rare hot sunny day here) and very thirsty.  I figured her owners would be by soon, either on foot or slowly driving by in a car, to look for her.  We sat out front with our new little friend and ate lunch, and she happily gulped down a bunch of water and begged for some food. 

After lunch we took her down to the nearest vet and had her scanned for a microchip.  Luckily she had one, and the vet tech told me to go call a phone number that would lead me to other phone numbers and then eventually to the owner as long as their information was current.  We got home and the phone number directed me to a few websites, which directed me to a phone number that actually got me to a real person!  I was very happy that I was able to talk to someone on a Sunday that was able to contact the owner and have them call me. 

The owner called and she had been pet sitting a cat down the road and had left her dog in the house with the cat.  Somehow the cat had figured out how to open a door and had let the dog out (on purpose maybe?) and this poor little dog had no idea where it was or where it's home was.  I'm sure our house smells like dogs to a dog and she figured this was a place she could hang out.  :)  The owner was half an hour away and came over as soon as she got back.  We learned that our new friend's name is Princess Patti Patti, and we were so happy to reunited her with her owner!

So, after that it started me thinking that our dogs' microchip information needed to be updated, and you should do the same.  You never know when the cat decides to get even...and free the dogs on you!